At Red Sails Science, Tradition  and Innovation Make Great Cider

Our award-winning artisan ciders are made from traditional cider apples grown on our estate and bottle-fermented to produce a natural sparkling cider. Juice from real cider apples contains natural anti-oxidants allowing us to avoid chemical preservatives and pasteurisation.

Our artisan ciders and perries are as natural as we can make them. Red Sails orchards lie between forest and seashore in southern Tasmania. Century-old pear trees and mature heritage cider apple trees are at the heart of Red Sails ciders.  Rich and complex flavours of Red Sails Gold and Wild Ciders arise when natural wild yeasts from the orchard are enhanced by maturation in French oak casks. All our ciders are bottle-fermented and develop natural sparkle in bottle without chemical carbonation.

Farmhouse ciders have been known as healthy functional foods for centuries. At Red Sails we combine traditional artisan methods with modern science to produce great ciders.

Our production is now very small and only sold through local outlets. You can find our ciders at Cool Wines in Hobart, Oyster Cove General store and Middleton General Store.